Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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Gun violence is a prominent piece of American society, the growing statistics only support this statement. In just 2017 alone there has been over 47,856-gun related incidents and the number continues to increase daily. Beginning with the Sandy Hooks mass shooting, an elementary school massacre, there has been over 1,518 mass shootings over the past six years. Shannon Watts, a concerned parent after Sandy Hooks, established the gun reform chapter of Moms Demand Action. The organization wants to create awareness for creating gun reform legislations. They are supporters of the 2nd Amendment but are pushing to see solutions to help reduce the gun crisis in American society. In order to build responsiveness to this issue, they have created a photographic PSA with Americans as the audience in mind. The PSA is set inside of an elementary school library, with two little girls in the center of the frame holding one prop each. One of the girls is holding the book Little Red Riding Hood, and the other is holding an assault weapon. Moms Demand Action shocks the American audience by using the pathos within the visual appeal of the PSA to establish their mindset on gun violence reform. Particularly, they choose school as the setting for this PSA. Schools are a vital role in American culture and society, it stands as a symbol for these young children’s dreams, hopes, and futures. Parents nationwide send their kids to schools with the mindset that they will be put in a safe environment.

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