Persuasive Essay On Halloween

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Not being able to express you frightening side of yourself during halloween is not the school's right, but also the students vote in this disagreement. As a child everyone's favorite part of October would be to dress up to be whatever the kids wanted to be. To express your favorite princess, actor, singer, and super hero was kids favorite part of October 31st. Now that those children got a lot more older and creative, they would want to use their creative side on their halloween costume. They would want to show everyone what their favorite hobbies are on halloween, even if it's makeup, nail polish, or hair coloring. The National Colonial of School Districts has now created a new policy called “Common Sense Custom Policy” where it has a …show more content…

Also there are limits that the district is spot on, like they don't want anyone to wear extremely terrifying costumes to school, as a result of someone calling the police. This is totally understandable that this shouldn't be allowed, but not being able to be a character and not have heavy makeup on is a little over the line. A girl or guy should be able to have some purple lipstick on or a smokey eye, that won't distract anyone from learning. Being able to dress and show who you truly are is the definition of Halloween. Sandra Belle also agrees, she says, “This doesn’t seem like it may be a good idea to me, it completely ruins the meaning of Halloween. Kids enjoy Halloween because they can show what they like by dressing up like what they like. Halloween has been a tradition for kids all over, and should not be restricted. There are limits on how short dresses and skirts should be on costumes though.” What Sandra says is one hundred percent correct at this point, we were all born to be able to express ourselves. It's Halloween, it is suppose to be scary! What's the point if the districts are taking every teens imagination away to a point where everyone will be dull and boring in the next 20 years. These high schools should not take the enjoyment away from us, halloween is the entire point to be scary. How does the districts define their Halloween, because taking scary away from this holiday is just

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