Persuasive Essay On Honor Codes

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Most likely, the majority of students have cheated at one point. In the moment, the student wants to get a good grade on the test, but they do not know the answer and cheating pops into their head. Then they will think of how to cheat successfully, without getting caught. They know that it is against the rules and if they get caught the teacher will be let down, but they continue because it is worth it, right? This dilemma has gone through almost every students head at least once in their academic career. Schools have tried to correct this behavior by introducing honor codes that are not always successful. Where in reality, the honor codes should be more focuses on the integrity of the student, rather than forcing the student to fit the mold held by administration. Ideally, catching cheaters and having a genuine learning space is the goal. As in the case of Virginia and Harvard University, have enforced honor codes that implement a dismissal of cheating; the students at many school around the US, see these rules as restrictive, which leads to the students not want to follow these codes and seem rebellious (Source C) (Source D). Also, teenagers schedules are busy enough as it is and desperate times call for desperate measures — even if that means cheating. Students, especially in high school, do not have the time to do all the homework assigned to them, so they will as a friend that did the homework to see their answers, so they can get a grade for their work, even if the
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