Persuasive Essay On How To Make A Good Garden

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Isn’t is wonderful to just see flowers sprout in the springtime? To see cherry blossoms grow tall and beautiful? Don’t you ever wonder, how are they grown? Planting has been around for centuries. Many people enjoy planting and even do it for living. It’s a calm, relaxing, beautiful and such a soothing thing to do in your free time. Planting a successful garden can be tough but also very fun.
In order to make a great garden, first find a great location where there is lots of sunlight. Sunlight is the most important thing that plants need. This is because the sunlight gives the most energy to the plants so that they can grow to be up nice and strong. Think of it this way, as we go through our childhood stage, we usually take vitamins to help us stay healthy and strong. Well, the sunlight to a plant does that same exact thing that a vitamin does to a kid.
Plants should not be placed in old soil. It is best to start your garden in fresh soil because, the old soil will affect the way that the plant grows. As it is healthy for a child to grow up in a supportive environment, the same is true for plants. They need much attention and much care. Plants not only need lots of sunlight and fresh soil, but also need to be spaced properly. This means that you should not place your crops so close together. This is because the crops create pests and diseases when being too close together. Just like if two children share a room and one child is sick, then eventually the other child will

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