Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Terrorism

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There is no common global enemy more threatening than terrorism; terrorism plagues the world; it threatens the lives and security of millions of families around the world! However drone strikes are ineffective in eradicating terrorism, drone strikes act as an incentive to unleash monstrous acts on the world and have high civilian casualties. To stop terrorism we must first stop drone strikes.
Drone strikes prevent us from gaining valuable intel that we get from raids. Unlike manned raids, drone strikes are unable to scout the site in detail. As a result, they are not able to search for information from laptops and phones, that can be utilized to uncover information regarding other members, locations, and future activity. According to the Research and Development Corporation “A successful raid will net human and material intelligence that can flesh out the picture of the enemy network, and thus enable development of a comprehensive strategy that will bring a lasting conclusion to the battle.” In essence, drone strikes can never be effective because no plan to end the war on terrorism has been put into effect. What this means is that once the drone finds its target it also destroys information about who will succeed him. As a result, we can never truly eradicate terrorism by means of drone strikes. The Obama administration avoids taking steps to gathering information. There doesn’t seem to be an actual plan regarding the future of using drone strikes to end terrorism. If the
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