Persuasive Essay On Into The Wild

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If you have a passion for something in life that not many people think is worth pursuing, then you shouldn’t listen to those people. What is something that makes that person who they are? Everyone has goals and things they want to accomplish. Chris McCandless was a hiker and traveller who gave up everything he had to go and live off the land in the Alaskan Wilderness as well as western parts of America. McCandless had a need for adventure and saw that he didn’t want the materialistic things in life. Unfortunately, four months later: Chris was found dead and extremely emaciated. People who have read Into The Wild, often wonder why a person would do such a thing like McCandless did. Many say it was for the sheer thrill and fulfillment of a …show more content…

McCandless wanted to live off the land. Chris is putting himself at a disadvantage because he never told anyone where he was going and he didn’t bring enough resources to survive. McCandless also had little knowledge on the land, and was unprepared. I believe if someone goes into a dangerous situation, they are crazy.
In the beginning of his journey Chris met many people such as fellow adventurers, boaters, canal officials, and duck hunting guides who helped him before his journey. He didn’t take the advice that was given to him. For example, Jim Gallien, a man who gave Chris a ride on Stampede Trail, gave McCandless boots and tried to make him reconsider living off the land. Chris never reconsidered. There was a ranger cabin not far from where McCandless was staying, and he didn’t know because he didn’t listen. McCandless would have also been better off if he placed himself in a better location. He was near a river that flooded and he couldn’t escape because of the flooded water. If he placed himself more accordingly and listened to the people who knew what they were talking about, he would have been better off. Chris is crazy because he also had an idiosyncratic logical process, which means he only had one way of thinking and people who aren’t successful don’t listen to other options. An example of that is Chris had a map, he got rid of the map because he believed there to be

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