Persuasive Essay On Keeping Dogs

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Have you ever had to deal with someone else's dog whenever you didn't want to? Being licked and having to watch out for them even when it shouldn't be your responsiblity? Now imagine how it must feel having to watch out for them even in your own work enviroment. Work is a place where you should be able to be the most productive at without any outside distraction, however there are people now suggesting they should be able to keep their pets at work. While many are for this idea, there are also many people against it for several different reasons. One reason is the fear of diseases that many of these dogs may carry, as animals are known to harbor many kind of illnesses without even knowing. Another point is that many of the pet owners would have to take out extra time to take care of them, diminishing work productivity. The last point many have made is how dogs can act up and behave in ways that may hurt the company in several different ways.

What is one of the main reason people call into work? Many may answer car troubles, lateness, or that other things have popped up and they won't be able to make it. But one of the main reason people call into work is because they're sick. Sickness is something that can't always be avoided, but there are steps and measures people can take to make sure they're as well as they can possible be. For example washing their hands or avoiding things that they know could be harboring diseases, such as animals and in this case dogs. Many

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