Persuasive Essay On Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana It’s time everyone faced the truth about marijuana, banning it has not prevented its use or production even after the government imposing penalties to prevent it. There has been no effective arrangement for cannabis disallowance and cases that utilization of weed will soon be annihilated in America, and the entire world is favor. More states are allowing legalization of medical marijuana due to its vast uses and benefit in the medical field. States that have legalized marijuana are doing just fine. When Colorado legalized both recreational and medical marijuana the internet went crazy, it turned out to be a brilliant idea for Colorado. Marijuana has been known for its recreational purpose since it was discovered unlike other drugs like heroin and cocaine. Legalizing would substantially reduce marijuana use among underage mostly teens. Making it illegal gives the teenagers opportunities to make easy money by distributing it to their peers. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, and their availability does not enhance usage by teens or trading to their peer. The illegal market that has no price set or policies in place pose a significant menace to public health. The government that puts marijuana the same level with heroin and cocaine makes teenager perceive its government impracticable on matters of drug policy. The illegality of marijuana is what makes it more important. Sanctioning of weed would diminish the stream of cash over the American economy and

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