Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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American Society is currently undergoing a period of social revolution. From legislation granting marriage equality to the LGBTQ community, questioning the Voting Rights Act and Debating about the legalization of Marijuana, the government is now faced with the important task of dealing with law surrounding these revolutionary social concepts. One issue the legalization of Marijuana, is currently being dealt with and lawmakers are are faced with some important decisions. A main concern regarding the legalization of marijuana is how will such a law impact driving patterns and how can we address these changes to ensure road safety? The most straightforward answer to the first question is legalization of Marijuana will result in more impaired drivers. If more people have access to a substance than logically (if a sample of an appropriate population is taken) more people will be convicted of a DWI(driving while …show more content…

According to the Denver Post, Marijuana related traffic stops comprise of over 12% of all traffic infractions in Colorado. The same article states that 21% of weed consumers are unaware they could be charged for driving while under the influence. With easier access and a severe lack of education regarding Intoxicated driving, legalizing marijuana will cause an increased amount of impaired drivers. The next level to this issue is how can we address intoxicated drivers and discourage them from engaging in such harmful behavior? An effective way to address individuals who drive intoxicated would be to install IID (Ignition Interlock Device), a device that restricts the use of a car if the driver’s breath test shows intoxication. However such a device may cause privacy issues (if test data is collected) and

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