Driving Under The Influence

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Driving under the influence, also known as “DUI”, is the one of the most common criminal offenses in the United States (12). Nearly a million people are arrested every year for a
“DUI” or , the crime or offense of any driver operating any vehicle while impaired by alcohol, drugs, recreational drugs or even prescribed drugs that render the driver from operating their vehicle safely (Alcohol). While DUI’s come with a hefty punishment, an act of public humiliation must be tacked onto these consequences in order to prevent so many cases of the nation’s most common criminal offense.
Every driver, that is under the influence, is putting every life around them in danger. Any person that operates any vehicle with any faulted perception from
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The average suspect being charged with a “DUI” drove eighty-seven times under the influence prior to his or her arrest. The streets of Mississippi are flooded with impaired drivers that risk not only their life but everyone else's. In Mississippi alone from 2008-2012, 2,560 people were killed from drivers that were under the influence (Sobering facts: drunk driving in Mississippi).
Since the horse and buggy and first forms of commercial alcohol, driving under the influence has been prevalent in American society. In 1910, New York was the first state to declare a law that punished driving under the influence. These laws simply punished someone
DRIVING UNDER EMBARRASSMENT 8 that was operating an automobile that looked and acted heavily intoxicated. Punishments such as fines were given to those who dared to drive while drunk (Costs).
Driving under the influence’s punishment varies on the state and amount of repetition.
Drinking and driving shows that you are immature enough to put your life in danger, this can ruin someone's reputation and their relationships. While most of the time the person can
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This act of public humiliation would make people think twice before gambling on driving under the influence. People would just put on
DRIVING UNDER EMBARRASSMENT 9 their plate after purchasing the required neon yellow plate. If the suspect gets caught while not using their neon yellow plate, they shall be sentenced to one year in a state prison.
When someone gets another DUI their tag color turns into a lime green; this tag will cost
1000 dollars. The lime green tag will be rare among cars and cause even more unwanted attention. Suspects would purchase and apply this tag just like a normal tag. If the suspect is caught without their lime green tag, the vehicle will be forfeited immediately and the subject will serve two to three years in a state prison. Arguments against both tags consist of one main argument being, this is cruel and unfair punishment on people. Complaints and petty quarrels
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