Persuasive Essay On Light Pollution

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Eighty percent of the turtles that are born on land will not make it to the ocean. Instead, these innocent turtles are drawn by bright lights inland. Here the babies are prey to bustling cars and sewer drains. These bright lights proceed to create a glowing sky littered with light pollution that disrupts bird migration and wastes money. This light pollution produces negative effects on wildlife, and wastes energy; however, it can be prevented through regulations and fixture adjustments.
The use of light has grown to be overused and exploited. Studies show that eighty percent of the world's population cannot see the stars at night due to excess light (“What Is Light Pollution” par. 3). Mara Bermudez, a research manager, states, “Light pollution [...] is the excessive, misdirected or invasive use of artificial outdoor lighting” (par. 4). Since many people have become dependent on light, there are several forms and causes of light pollution. One of the main forms of light pollution is skyglow. According to Globe at Night, a light pollution awareness program, “Skyglow is the combination of all the reflected light and upward-directed light escaping up into the sky” (“What Is Light Pollution” par. 7). This effect is mostly seen in cities or other potentially overpopulated locations. Unshielded streetlights, skyscrapers, and business signs play a big role in the production of skyglow. Next, another major form of light pollution is clutter. Globe at Night states that clutter

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