Persuasive Essay On Lockers

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“It has been found that kids backpacks on average exceed 10% of their body weight”[1] . Having school lockers is important for the safety of the student’s back. We have to carry our books, lunch, P. E. clothes/shoes, and anything else that might be in our bag. This is hard on our backs and bodies. If only we had a place to put our backpacks besides the floor, and then lugging it to and from every class. This is not efficient and sets us up for lost items, even I have lost a pair of shoes. Having lockers will help students keep track of their belongings and keep them safe.

If money is the issue, there are low-budget lockers or cubby systems available for purchase. Once the school chooses a locker/cubby they like, then we can have a school wide fundraiser for the money we need. We might even find a parent
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It will also help encourage respect for other people’s property. Because the lockers belong to the school, the students have to obey the locker rules and learn that the lockers are a privilege not a right.

A negative effect of having lockers is that if one locker has something smelly in it then all the other lockers will smell too. If the lockers smell, insects will have a new home and bacteria will grow. One way to make sure that doesn't happen, is to have a cleaning day once a week. Where the school provides Lysol wipes, trash bins, and other cleaning products so the students can clean out their locker.

In conclusion, I think it would be a great idea to have lockers in our school. The overall benefits outweigh the cons of having school lockers. This would be a great idea for the leadership class to head up. It gives them extra hours of research that they would need to complete their course requirements for the leadership class, and takes the burden of this off of the
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