Persuasive Essay On Lowering The Drinking Age

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“Hello, Mr. Smith? This is Orange County police station. We are calling to tell you that your son has been in a car accident. Tests have shown that he was with a friend who was driving while intoxicated. He has suffered major brain damage and wounds on his body. He is lucky to be alive; that kind of crash could have killed him in an instant.” How would you feel if you were a parent getting a call like this? Your daughter, son, or brother killed due to someone's stupid actions. This is a real thing that can happen due to underage drinking. Keep our children safe; don’t lower the drinking age. First of all, drunk driving is a problem that our nation faces every single day. Research shows that when the drinking age was eighteen, the percentage of alcohol-related car crashes in the US was sixty-one percent. However, now that the drinking age is at twenty-one, the percentage of alcohol-related car crashes in the US is now thirty-one percent; That is thirty percent fewer people that are being killed or injured in car crashes caused by drunk driving. Lowering the drinking age will result in more drunk crashes. Who would vote for more drunk driving deaths? Second, in the debate, the opposition stated, “If the drinking age was lowered to eighteen, teens would be able to drink in supervised areas like a restaurant or bar instead of an alley. Also, if they drank in a supervised location like a bar and got drunk, the bartender or another adult in the bar would take away their keys so

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