Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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How does minimum wage work? Is it enough? Do we need to lower it or higher it? Yes, the base pay has gone higher this year. It didn't go up by much but it did go up by about 50 cents. Millions of the lowest wage workers across the country have or will get a raise of it due to the changes being done. Admitting in many places they will be adding up to 1 dollar or more it's not so convenient for others. Even though it might not sound like so much it will provide someone who might want to work everyday wanting to make more money. Working more hours is an easier way of having a bit more cash in your pockets even though they're not offering as many as you may want. It is said to rise in approximately 20 states, including cities. There's a high chance in other states it will probably take longer for it to higher up but it will eventually. Although some including the United States are lucky enough to have it at $10.50 an hour because in other places they are 3 dollars lower or maybe even less some can make up two cents for working all day, which isn't enough for a living. It's a privilege to have it the way United states do. Of course, the reason for the rising it was because of the politicians in state legislatures and on the city councils. Worker let voters decide how they wanted it to be as long as it was very much fair. This big change is very meaningful because it hasn't changed in about a year or two. The working of $11.00 per hour for this year is still processing because it

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