Persuasive Essay On Multitasking

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Nine percent of all teenage drivers ages fifteen to nineteen are involved in fatal car crashes every year. In 2015, 3,477 people were killed and an additional 391,000 injured due to distracted driving. While we think we are the best at multitasking, especially when it comes to driving, are we really? According to statistics it would prove that we are not the best at multitasking. So why do we try to multitask? Part of our problem is that our world is full of constant go, go, go and not enough hours in the day. We feel the need to try and keep up with everything and everyone by trying to do more tasks at the same time. Therefore the reality multitasking with technology such as billboards, in car technology, and texting is more harmful especially when driving. There approximately 450,000 billboards in America. Now add 1,500 new billboards that are made each year. Thats a lot of information being broadcast to us about the best insurance agent in town. While this technology is useful to keep us in the loop it also poses a threat to our constant multitasking world. I've caught myself before gazing at a flashy bright light billboard that displayed “Kanye West concert Saturday” while managing to also rear end a minivan. “Brain researchers have identified “reaction-time switching costs, which is a measurable time when the brain is switching its attention and focus from one task to another. Research studying the impact of reading while driving has identified slow reaction time to

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