Persuasive Essay On Obesity

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“You’re fat” or “You’re so fat even Dora wouldn’t even want to explore you.” How about, “You fat freak!” These are some of the harsh words that children express every day to other children. Growing up fat/overweight is difficult as an adolescent because you are trying to figure out who you are. When you take a second to analyze children behavior you will realize that they have not yet developed a sense of filtered verbalization skills. Children are very blunt and honest for the most part, calling things how they see it and not realizing the consequences of being too straight forward. Especially the opinion toward someone’s physical appearance. When the degrading, discouraging words are told to a child to breaks their confidence at an early age. Shatters their ego and destroys their personality in some cases. Majority parents do not want witness their children being subjected to verbal abuse. Then you realize that, obesity is something that is preventable in children. Parents, teachers but most of all the government is held responsible of preventing obesity in children. As a society we can prevent obesity in children and add guidelines to help parents prevent their child from gaining too much weight. Through ample research we will understand the effects of obesity in children, how we can prevent weight problems in children and who needs to put these measures in place in order for this to be an effective change in children. Our bodies, our lives are being affected trickling

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