Persuasive Essay On Organ Donation

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Alec Peltekian

Ms. Branin

Honors English 11, Period 3


As one life ends a new beginning is created for another. Thousands of lives are saved each year in the United States alone just by organ donation. With each donor passing away and donating their organs to those in peril, children with heart conditions or adults with liver disease are given another chance to live a new healthy life. It is the definition of charity and it gives so many desperate people the hope they need. However, such a beautiful and giving process can be quickly altered into a dark process for those involved with the Black Market. Many types or organs, often stolen from unsuspecting victims of Dark Web crime, are sold on the Black Market for large amounts …show more content…

This is the exact opposite reason for those operating along the evil networks of the Dark Web. The Web’s main priority is to make high risk deals and investments to bring the highest reward for its salespersons. The risk is run so high that is breaks all governing bodies’ laws in the process. Sites have been known to sell illegal organs for large sums of money including a “ heart [that] will set you back $65,000” (VICE 6). The purchase is simply just this immense fortune and no insurance or paperwork for the exchange. As stated before, the purpose of this method is strictly making money. The Dark Web is its own sick and twisted economy for those willing to do what it takes for money. Doctors must consider and weigh the ethical background of how they receive every organ from a willing donor, or unsuspecting victim.

Another legitimate concern in this field, is where the organ came from and the security one has knowing that it came from a healthy and well-suited environment. If the organ was put under harmful stress by the previous human, the organ might fail to function correctly. This is why organ donation keeps a large sample size when it comes to the volunteer pool. If someone does have a deficiency or disease affecting organs, they have opportunities to help as “one's medical condition at the time of death will determine what organs and tissue can be donated” (MedLine Plus 1). This safe way of donation allows

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