Persuasive Essay On Painkillers

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Prescription painkiller addiction has become one of the fastest growing addictions in the country. The misuse of painkillers represents three-fourths of the overall problem of prescription drug abuse. (Foundation for a Drug-Free World.) The addiction can affect people of any age. So who’s fault is it? Who is to blame for the painkiller addiction that is taking over the nation? Do we blame the doctor for over-prescribing these potential harmful and extremely addicting drugs? Do we blame it on the lack of knowledge of the potential risks that these drugs carry by the general public? Are the patients at fault for their desperate cravings of a pill that will make all their pain go away? Maybe the fact that alternative medicine is viewed as such that they will not work as well as a drug will. Many blame doctors for the painkiller abuse epidemic sweeping across the nation. Sometimes doctors are encouraged to write prescriptions against their own ethics because of the push for patient satisfaction. Doctors are often undertrained in gauging a patient's true pain management. Patients in pain going undertreated was recognized by the medical community. A pain rating is now recognized as the fifth vital sign.…show more content…
Patient’s are usually not fully aware of the risks and side effects that prescription painkillers hold. Doctors, patients, and drug companies all play a role in the lack of knowledge of these drugs. Doctors do not necessarily have the complete knowledge of every drug out on the market. Some patients do not have the patience or find it necessary to do some of their own research on whatever drug they are putting into their body. Drug companies push their products and downplay the risks and side effects they carry with them. It is important to educate yourself on what you are putting into your body even if it is prescribed to
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