Persuasive Essay On Paying For College

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Paying for College When entering high school many students already know what they want to do when they “grow up”; however, many students do not know how they will pay for the college education to get them there. Some students will strive for the best grades possible to earn scholarship money to have college funded for them, others will mess around, and end up wishing they had tried harder, and having to pay for college themselves. Those students will have to have a job during college to be able to afford books, tuition, and any other fun things they might wish to do while they are away from home at college. College students working to pay for college tuition or pay off college debt have less entitlement, more responsibility, and take greater pride in their education; however, college students who have their college fully funded may feel more entitled around the college campus, have less focus towards studies, and spend more time at parties, finally they will never understand how much their education was truly worth. While each student may receive the same education, the values and attitudes each student has can be even more valuable than the college education itself. Being a young college student takes a lot of dedication and responsibility; however, being a college student and working a job to pay for college at the same time takes even more responsibility and dedication. Students must take accountability for themselves, being able to turn in assignments, study for

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