Persuasive Essay : Why Should College Be Free?

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If you had the chance to go to college for free and pursue your dream would you take that opportunity? This should be offered to kids who really want to pursue a degree and are serious about college, there will be guidelines to ensure that student will be responsible with this opportunity. This could change the life of someone who cannot financially afford to go off and pursue their dream, this could give them hope of getting their dream job; College can be very stressful emotionally and economically for some people, but with free college they can be relieved of their stress. The idea is that everyone should be allowed the opportunity to receive a higher education, it would relieve them from the financial situation when they graduate, and more jobs can be taken with people that have a degree and knowledge of the field.
There have been many debates whether college should be free? This has been getting a lot of debate over the years in politics and media. The one reason that college should be free is that it would give the opportunity to those teens that are not financially able to go because they can't afford it. There are parents that are living paycheck by paycheck every week so they can't put a little money aside for school. In an online article by Hunter Throndsen he states “By making college free, people who couldn't afford to go to college would be able to go. If you are able to succeed and pass classes in college, then you should be allowed to do just that regardless

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