Persuasive Essay On Physician Assisted Suicide

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Imagine a life full of pain and suffering. You are diagnosed with a terminal illness with no hope of recovering. Living in a hospital bed and being pumped with drugs every hour in hope to lessen the agony. Your family watches you as you deteriorate from the lively person you once were. This scenario is all too common for patients struggling with their months to live. Physician assisted suicide is a right and should be legalized nationwide due to the rights of a competent patient, their quality of life, and the end of prolonged suffering.
The rights of a competent patient are constantly looked at when providing treatment and with physician assisted suicide it should be no different. “Allowing someone to make the personal decision of ending their life before they become a hollow shell of who they once were should be a right in the United States. This is included in the Patient’s Bill of Rights where it states that all competent patients have the right for to be treated for an illness.” (Blinkley) This is one of the many requirements to be considered for PAS, others include; “life expectancy of six months or less determined by two physicians, must be requested once orally and once through written consent separated by at least fifteen days with two different witnesses.” (Breslow) The laws preventing physician assisted suicide to be practice is also preventing terminally ill patients to be treated. Patients who are not in an area where the service is provided are forced to live
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