Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Police brutality has been around for many years and has recently become one of the most controversial topics in the United States of America. The rise in awareness began in 2014 when a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri fatally shoot 18 year old Michael Brown killing him. The shooting lead to the creation of the movement “Black Lives Matter.” Can police justify their reasoning behind what happens? Is race the reason behind the shootings?
Police brutality is consider the act of a police officer abusing his/ her power against a person while arresting them or during a response to a call. One of the earliest cases documented occurred in 1991, it was the beating of Rodney King, a man who was being pursued on a high speed chase involving Los Angeles police officers. The video recorded by a man standing in his balcony showed proof that Police beat and caused 11 fractures. 4 officers went on trial and were connected with the beating of King. The fact that 17 other officers were not charged led to violent riots that went on for a few days and caused the death of 50 people. Another case that can be brought up is the shooting of 22 year old Amadou Diallo on February 4,1999 who was gunned down in New York by police officers who were searching for an alleged rapist in the neighborhood in which Diallo lived. When Police officers confronted him in front of his door Diallo reached for his wallet and was fired at 41 times and was hit 19 times which killed him almost instantly. People in

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