Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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A man is in his car and is pulled over for having a suspended license, and for going 60 on a 40 road. The officer walks over to the car to see the man crying. The man claims that he was rushing to get to a relative's funeral. When asked to get out of the car he resists and the police officer grabs his arm. The man yanks his arm back and the officer pulls him out of the car and brutally beats him. Hearing the stories on police brutality, and how it is tearing the trust in police in America apart. I realized how serious this is, and how bad it is that most of us can’t trust the officers ordered to protect us.
I was really curious while researching this topic. I wanted to know any detail I could get from Videos, Newscasts, Articles, and Podcasts. Then of course with all of this research I had some questions, How long has this been a problem, What is the death rate from police. Then I came up with my driving question was: How can we end police brutality? It is clear we can make some suggestions on how we can end the tragedy, that is police brutality ` Police Brutality is a huge problem in the U.S If you don’t know what it is, it’s Police officers that use brutal tactics in unnecessary situations, be brutal just to be brutal and sometimes they aren’t good at communicating in the situation
They're in, and just use violent tactics instead. According to Vittana, On average in America, every seven hours a police officer takes the life of a citizen.
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