Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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“ I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” Those three words have created an epidemic of videos taken during police altercations with citizens. Demonstrations and protests have occurred as a direct result of this incident. The video is compelling and in my opinion shows excessive force, giving support to the suggestion of police brutality. However, once the footage was clearly edited to skip directly to the altercation, it seemed to lose some credibility. What really happened before the officer placed Mr. Garner in the choke hold? Why was the video edited to skip to the choke? Factors that may never be known, except by those that were actually involved. A body camera on each officer at the scene would have been crucial in obtaining all evidence of what really transpired. Every officer should be equipped with a body camera as part of standard uniform attire. Interest in body-worn cameras has grown rapidly among law enforcement agencies nationwide ever since controversial police use-of-force incidents have transpired in communities across the United States.( Elliott 8) Cameras on officers would become vital evidence for any altercations being investigated. Police brutality and excessive force have become crucial but delicate topics that have been widely discussed by parties at all levels of society. Everyone weighs in with opinions on the matter and what they believe to have happened. Unfortunately, it boils down to the officer's word against the citizen. There are times where

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