Police And Body Cameras A Need

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Police and Body Cameras A Need to Heal
Terri Williams
ENG 122: English Composition II
Prof. William Barone
October 2, 2015

There are thousand among thousands of misconduct reports filed each year against the law enforcement for police officers using excessive force complaints make up nearly one quarter (Harvard Law Review, 2010). Decision, decision, decision… when a police officer decides to gun down a suspect during encounter or an arrest it the police officer decision. Particularly, that these deadly encounters are being video filmed by the communities that these police officers serve. The communities has come together to protest against the excessive force that police officers are displaying across the United States. These encounter that are being filmed by the communities are asking why are these acts continue to happen. With the advancing of technology (cell phone with cameras) and social media being played or watch throughout the real world display an unpredictable behavior among both police officers and the communities that they serve. These action has push Law Enforcement to consider a solution; Body worn cameras might be part of a solution for the growing recognition that the United States real problem with police excessive force. In August 2014 the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri or April 12, 2015 of Freddie Gray arrest in Baltimore, Maryland or March 3, 1991 of Rodney King in Los Angeles, California; there are many more misconduct of

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