Persuasive Essay On Police Misconduct

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Over 400 people were arrested, 25 building burned, and onOver 400 people were arrested, 25 building burned, and one person killed during the riots in Ferguson Missouri after police officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the shooting of Mike Brown (Wulfhorst et al; New York Times). The events in Ferguson and several other cities have sparked a debate as to what should be done in response to this national outcry. Some people believe that police misconduct is not common enough to be a valid issue, and that increasing checks on police behavior hinders their ability to do their job. Many others are demanding immediate action be taken to reduce instances of misconduct. Police misconduct is a major issue in the United States; police departments should introduce and improve preventative measures such as increased training, body cameras, to combat the incidence of misconduct. Police abusing their power is certainly not a recent issue, and public outrage over such cases is most definitely not a recent development. On March 3, 1993, four police officers were filmed beating Rodney King, an unarmed black 25 year old, resulting in a broken leg and multiple bruises. All four officers were acquitted of the beating by a predominantly white jury in April of 1992. Once the word got out, the city of Los Angeles was consumed by a devastating riot that lasted three days. As a result of the riot, 55 people died and over 2000 were injured. This example proves that the issue of police

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