Persuasive Essay On Racial Discrimination

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Here in Idaho, most people say we are lucky to have very little racial prejudice because we don't have riots by minorities demanding equality like we see in the news happening in other parts of the country. However since 94% of the population is white, it would be difficult for the minorities to speak out. In the whole nation, we see minority movements that are forcing white people to realize that there is a different standard for whites and people of color. White privilege should not be taken advantage of by whites, and no one should judge unfairly based on color. Everyone would agree with this but current events show the opposite to be true. Because the whites have always had majority status in the United States, our culture judges this majority based on merit, but minorities are stereotyped. We should stop judging a whole group based on one person’s action.
One of the most discussed issues in the United States is the negative image of Muslim community in the U.S that practice Islam. White privilege is being taken advantage of by whites, not worrying about any causes. “Terrorist acts committed by Muslims result extension of collective guilt to the entire Muslim community” (Chen). Not only that one person will be accused of that act but the all the Muslim people. People shouldn't be including all the terrorist acts that are caused by a Muslim to an entire Muslim community. They feel like every Muslim will be accused for doing it and even involved. Muslims in the United

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