Persuasive Essay On Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling is a problem that continues to happen to this day. This situation is something which happens to everyone especially minorities. Minorities are more likely to be pulled over by police officers rather than white people just because of the color of their skin, which is really unfair because their time is being wasted getting pulled over when they could be doing something else. Racial profiling has been happening forever, which has caused many people to be stopped and strictly checked by police, higher chance of people getting killed, and people are not getting the rights they deserve.
Initially, the community is not getting the rights they were applied. Everyone has the right to be treated with equal rights, but ostensibly …show more content…

Racism has incremented due to racial profiling since in today’s society more law enforcement are ceasing people by the way they look rather than a infringement they did. Another reason why racial profiling is deplorable is because there are times when someone is minding their own business, driving around, and out of nowhere they are pulled over just because of the color of their skin which then leads to something bad. For example, there was a YouTube video of an armed African American pulled over with his wife and kid by a white police officer. He had told the police officer, he had the gun in his car so he would know, but then the cop just shot the man without giving him a reason and with his kid being in the back seat seeing all of this. Another example, could be Eric Garner an African American who was stopped by police and killed by an illegal chokehold even though he told the police he couldn’t breath. This is really unfair that there are many innocent people losing their lives to some racist person.
Furthermore, This situation does not only occur to African Americans and Hispanics, it also occurs to Muslims at the airport. When it comes to a Muslim person trying to get a flight to the United States they are strictly searched. It is unfair that just because of the way they look and dress one is pulled over and frisked by police to make sure they’re not carrying any illegal items. On the contrary, it might be beneficial for the police

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