Persuasive Essay On Racial Discrimination

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There is no doubt that white is the majority group in America society, however, the increasing number of black, Latino, or Native American in the United States draws more and more people’s attention on race discrimination in recent years. As one of the most serious social problem in American, black people had arrived in America since 16th century as salves. They helped to establish this beautiful country but they did not share the equal rights as other whites. Blacks had been through discrimination for a long time and that situation did not improve until 1960s. So far, race has became a kind of standard to judge a person’s life in education level, employment situation and personalities. For example, William Julius Wilson mentions most white people tend to believe black people are lazy and not honesty as employees due to the race bias, which has been rooted deeply in the society (Wilson). To reduce the discrimination, some people raise the idea that university should consider race as a aspect when they approach applicants and give some help to minorities, which called affirmative action. Therefore, more minorities could reach the high education and it can create a various university society, which can improve the understanding between white people and minorities and decrease the racial inequity.
In the Amicus Brief on College Admissions, America Sociological Association has pointed out the advantage and the disadvantage of affirmative action. Initially, ASA demonstrates the

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