Persuasive Essay On Racism

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Gabriel Ramirez
Teacher E. Saires
Class ELA Grade 6
October 25, 2017
The Racism
“I have a dream, a single dream, continue to dream. To dream of freedom, to dream of justice, to dream of equality and hopefully no longer need to dream them.” (King,1963).
The fight for freedom and equality of time before Rosa Parks defends her place in the front and oldest of a Martin Luther King Jr. game inspired by Americans with her famous dream.
Throughout history, nations have described the guarantees and personal privileges of their citizens and have defended them with force. However, a group of people who could not enjoy those rights and guarantees also arrived in the country. Black Africans were transported against their will, chained, to be sold as slaves and to work in the service of their masters, especially on the great agricultural estates of the South.
First racial discrimination in the United States began with the introduction of African slaves to work on the southern plantations. The first slaves arrived in America by accident. In 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia, a corsair landed with about twenty blacks he had captured on a Spanish ship in the Caribbean. African-American slaves were forced to work with an intensity that sometimes became inhuman. In some states, laws known as slave codes authorize the application of terrible punishments to undisciplined slaves. According to Virginia's slave code of 1705: "All black, mulatto, and indigenous slaves in this domain .... If the slave

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