Persuasive Essay On Racism

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Racism can be found just about anywhere in America, thus it’s influence in American life makes it something that is simultaneously impossible to escape and insidiously spreads amongst hateful people. But how does racial hatred seep into the subconsciousness of American people? Is it embedded at home in childhood, or is it taught by larger forces within our environment? The answer would be both. Racism is planted into the minds of young white americans, but if nothing is done to correct the hateful thinking at a young age, there are plenty of ways that adults will validate this type of thinking later in life.
As an individualist nation, it’s easy for Americans to remove the events within the home from the spectrum of society as a whole. Racist parents also happen to be members of their macro-environment’s society. They’re police officers, business managers, lawyers, etc. Many of them are in places of financial or political power and can abuse it to exact their own bigoted ideologies. For example, Jim Dear was the mayor of Carson, California from 2001 to early 2015. In February 2015, he stepped down from his position of mayor due to claims that he made racist remarks while in office, and he took the position as city clerk with two years remaining in his mayoral term. On October 4th 2015, Riverside attorney Maria Aarvig released a report that stated, according to local newspaper The Daily Breeze, “...Dear has created such a hostile work environment at City Hall with racist

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