Persuasive Essay On School Lunches

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Thinking back to Elementary, Middle, and High school, school lunches were not a particularly appealing memory. I remember waiting in the lines, often backed up, holding foam plates of bland and unappealing food. To explore the factors of how school lunches have come to be, we should start at the beginning of government funded school lunch in America. The National School Lunch Act was enacted in 1946 by Harry S. Truman in order to ensure that children in poverty would be able to have access to nutritious food. Before the 1930s, schools did not always provide lunches for children—mostly private charities raised money to provide school lunch to children in poverty. During the Great Depression in the 1930s, doctors and nutritionists were concerned that malnourished children would not be able to learn in school, so the government got involved. During this time, schools were able to use tax money to fund their meals. At the same time, farmers had difficulty selling their produce as people did not have enough money to buy them. As a result, the government subsidized extra farm products in order to keep prices high for the farmers, which were then given to schools and welfare offices. However, one problem with using donated food was the unpredictability of what food would be given, so it was difficult to plan meals. “Schools complained of receiving grapefruit, which the students would not eat, or so many eggs that they had to serve eggs for days in a row” (Levine). As the U.S.

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