The National School Lunch Program

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Abstract The National School Lunch Program is a great resource for schools to use, to help provide children whom may not be able to afford their own lunches. The problem with the program though is that the recent changes to the requirements schools must follow make it difficult to provide lunches that are appealing and fulfilling to students. Schools also find that it is costing them more to try and follow these requirements and there is a lot more waste because students are not happy. The NSLP needs to change some of its requirements so schools can have some freedom in how lunches are prepared so students will be more likely to eat them. They also need to take in consideration that not every student should follow the same calorie count and how not have enough can affect a student, and too much creates waste. With certain changes the NSLP can be successful once again.

The National School Lunch Program: The Need for More Leniency The National School Lunch Program helps schools provide students who can not always afford their lunches, with healthy well balanced meals. The way it works is the school follows the requirements that the NSLP lays out and then the government reimburses the schools for the lunches of the students who qualify for the program. This program is very beneficial for everyone involved, there is only one problem. In recent years the requirements for lunches have become more strict and harder for the schools to follow. Students…
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