Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes has become a “trend,” so to speak. As you may know several teenagers who are ion their last year of high school when they pick up on this legally. AltThough there is no escape from the so-called “cancer stick” these days, and anyone can get their hands on it regardless of their age, the minimum age requirement for smoking cigarettes should still be changed. Due to the fact you're legally allowed to drown yourself in alcohol at 21 the same should go for cigarettes. Way too many kids considered adults, are putting one foot in the grave trying to get rid of stress by putting cancer sticks to their lips.
According to the graph labeled “Cigarette Smoking Among High School Students, 1991-2013” smoking shows that it has increased significantly among teens in the late 90’s into early 2000’s. The use of cigarettesThen it had went back down decreased between 2003 and again all the way into 2014, likely thanks to the increased use of the beloved but almost as dangerous e-cig. Only 4.5% of high school students had used e-cigs at least one day in the previous month, in a 2013 survey. In 2014 that percentage increased to 13.4%. Though more people in this age bracket seem to have turned to the e-cig, still the percentage of smokers who first tried cigarettes as teens was 90%, highlighting the need. Which goes back to the very point ofto change the minimum the age for smoking to change of 21, being 18 and getting addicted so early to try to attempt to get rid of the

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