Persuasive Essay On Social Media Snapchat

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Social media tricks people to believe others are living a ravisher life than they really are. They post only the highlights of their lives, and never the negative. It makes others view them falsely and more presentable than they actually are, which makes those viewing their profiles feel less satisfied with themselves and their lives. There are even some people who drop all social media because of how terrible it makes them feel, but there are also others who thrive for the attention of social media and go through ridiculous tasks in order to take the perfect picture. There have been many disputes over how social media websites such as Instagram or Facebook affects ones self-esteem, it can knock them down. One might say that social media is a tool that helps us get connected with the rest of the world, but it is truly a recipe for disaster. One of my really close friends Lara is insanely obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat, she is on it every second of the day. Once she and her boyfriend broke up she started stalking him every day, bible. She’d go on every social media website he had an account for, until one day she saw a Snapchat story (a story on snapchat is only available to the user’s friends for twenty-four hours). The story reveled her ex and a new girl, ever since Lara has posted an insane number of pictures on Instagram, some of them are very catfish, they don’t look like her at all. This makes Lara think less of herself, as she has to edit her pictures for them

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