Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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Right now, in schools all across America, many students are stressing about a standardized test. Standardized testing has only begun to boom over the past decade. Many schools use the final standardized test grade to determine whether a student has failed or passed his or her classes. It has also forced many teachers to basically teach to the test. That means that they try to jam the material into their students’ heads just until they take the exam. Standardized tests are a major issue in public schools today and the government should get rid of them. Students are extremely stressed about standardized testing. They are worrying so much about passing a single exam and finishing it on time and are not able to actually learn any of the material. Miner (2000) stated that “whether you are smart, stupid, lazy, or hardworking is being reduced to how fast and how accurately you can darken the circles on a multiple-choice test” (p. 40). Many of the standardized tests are timed and completed on scan tron sheets. Tests, like the SAT, give each person a specific amount of time that he or she must complete each section. If the individual is unable to finish the test in the allotted time slot, he or she automatically misses the questions he or she did not have time to answer. Also, many times when one answers on a scan tron sheet, he or she will get a question incorrect because he or she slightly marked outside of the bubble or did not darken it in enough. These are not successful ways

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