Persuasive Essay On Take A Knee

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Take a Knee For many years, racial tensions and police brutality have been some of the most talked about issues that face America. From debates on police brutality on black people, to the debate of black lives matter and blue lives matter, race has become such a big topic today and shapes so much of today’s discussions. People use different ways to bring attention to the issue, most used the black lives matter protest, however a new peaceful protest arises where people, mostly football players, take a knee during the national anthem. It has been, for years now, that football players stand up with their hands on their hearts while the national anthem plays. In fact, it has been a social norm for every American for so long, that people identify this action as a way to show respect to our nation. Conflicts have arose since the beginning of this movement, many have called it disrespectful and unpatriotic. One of the critics of this protest, is the president, Donald Trump. He has verbally called out players who participate and insultingly called them names. In such an unpresidential way, the president continues to create a divide between the country, even on issues such as this. The moral behind the protest has been continually ignored, causing tension between different groups of …show more content…

They believe that by participating in such a protest to the national anthem, it shows disrespect to our country and to those who fought for it. But aren’t we giving the right to protest? Others criticized the movement because it is about race. Race is such. Controversial and sensitive topic, that some people may shy away from discussions about it and others may have different views on it. Another occurrence of reasoning, is actually that those who oppose the movement, may actually not know the story behind it and why it is happening. That is why it is better to know the moral of something in order to

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