Persuasive Essay On Teen Suicide

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In America today, most schools have a plethora of diversity. Students in schools all have different cultures, talents, and views that make them unique from one another. Schools feel full of culture due to diversity. A student 's voice helps a school become a wonderful and lively place to learn. However, what happens when a student silences their voice forever by committing suicide?
When a student dies in an accident, schools can mourn the death as a random occurrence. However, when a student kills themselves, a school feels guilty as they mourn. While the teachers feel guilty because they failed to help someone. The students feel bad for not knowing the student. Those who are responsible in some way are conflicted inside by guilt. A school
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Depression does not only come from people with disabilities. Anyone can feel depressed. A person’s depression may come from a lack of feeling appreciated by one’s peers or one 's family.
In the film The Breakfast club, there exists an epitome of a depressed character. In the film, the character Brian considers shooting himself. Brian’s desire was caused by his failing grade on a major assignment. Throughout the film, Brian acts like a young and intelligent man. He does not stand out as a mentally disabled person or a troublesome youth. Yet, Brian still has depression. His depression stems from bullies constantly harassing him for his imperfections, which damages his self-esteem and confidence in himself. It also stems from his parents putting very high expectations on him. His parents do not appear that frequently in the film, though later in the film Brian describes them as people who give him pressure. They make him feel that he must succeed academically to be accepted into a prestigious college. To feel fulfilled in life, Brian feels he must live up to the standard that his parents set for him. In his explanation for having the gun, Brian says, ‘’ I can 't have an F, I can 't have it and I know my parents can 't have it! Even if I aced the rest of the semester, I 'm still only a B. And everything 's ruined for me! (Ned Tanen (Producer), Michelle Manning(producer), John Hughes (Producer and director), The breakfast Club,

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