Persuasive Essay On Texting And Driving

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Being able to drive is a dream come true, that can easily become a nightmare that you are never wake up from. The state of Florida is trying to make drivers aware of the dangers that come with distracted driving. Texting and driving is one of the biggest problems America is facing at the moment. Many people, especially teenagers, are dying from distractive driving. The state of Florida decided that they wanted to help with this problem and made it illegal to text and drive. They have also put up billboards all over the state to remind drivers about the law and the consequences of distractive driving. Not only could you be harming yourself but you could also harm others if you decide to text and drive. Do us all a favor and put your …show more content…

There have been television commercials about the deadly effects of distracted driving, the state made it illegal to text and drive, and while driving there are billboards to remind you. Florida has done its part to try to keep you safe, now it’s up to you. Florida is the second worst state for distracted driving. Yes, there is a law that states texting and driving is illegal but it’s not enforces as much as it should be. After researching, I found that no points are added to your license after the first offense, two points are added to primary offense (e.g.speeding) if texting occurred in a school zone, and six points are added to your license if the texting offense resulted in a crash. The law also states that in order to get in trouble for this offense you must have committed two offenses. That caught the attention of the civilians and they are now wondering how effective this law actually is. Knowing that you’re able to get away with very minor penalties with that law, people are worried that others may not respect this law like it needs to be. People are wanting to improve the law to make it stricter which is understandable but everything takes time and Florida is doing the best they can with the hand they got dealt. When people enter the car they don’t think about getting into an accident. Nobody expects to be hit from distractive driving but it does happen. The state of Florida is doing everything in

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