Persuasive Essay On Texting While Driving

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Advertisements, without fail, are everywhere. They are found on plastic cups in cabinets, or stuffed between the back of an airplane seat pocket. Taking a critical stance on the issues while business logos and phone numbers are thrown in our face day after day can be difficult. It is quite necessary due to the fact that humans are very inquisitive individuals. When these advertisements are not examined properly and objectively, we allow ourselves to slip into unwanted capitalist traps or a mindset that differs with our beliefs for the sake of individualism. Although, advertisements can often be used for a worthy cause or aspiration, only a deeper look will confirm or deny that possibility. An advertisement constructed by the “Road Safety Charity” provides a startling reminder of the dangers of texting while driving and the inevitable bitter outcome--death. In the age of distraction, the advertisement conveying the inevitable outcome of texting while driving is short and to the point using several different tactics to tell a story and incite metaphors to evoke an emotion even if it is passive.
The advertisement from “Brake, a Road Safety Charity,” is used to evoke emotions to for those who look at it. The intentions of the charity are a good effort to bring the rising death rates due to texting while driving, to a halt. The charity’s organization is managed from the United Kingdom and began in an effort to make roads safer by using several alarming campaigns. The charity is
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