Essay on Public Service Announcements on Texting and Driving

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Argumentative Essay Revision Shot to aim directly at people who tend to disregard warnings and are most like to be distracted drivers, texting and driving PSA’s bring awareness and self consciousness to the general public as they display from moderate to severe graphic scenes on what happens when you take your eyes off of the wheel. A distracted driving PSA ad is not only one of the best ways to alert people of the consequences of unfocused driving, but it can also reduce the number of distracted driving incidents, thus keeping families not only careful and alert, but alive and safe. In the last 5 years, the number of people who have watched safe driving PSA’s has been increasing due to the shocking content of the videos, and…show more content…
But these teens, however, were not the only ones to admit they were shaken by the content. According to TODAY, advertising executive Donny Deutsch admitted: “It’s one thing to intellectually get it into our brains, but when you see it this graphically ... I tell you, I couldn’t get through this [ad].” The shock these ads have left on people is solid proof PSA’s are the absolute best way to keep people informed and aware of the consequences of distracted driving. But of course, PSA’s don’t just shake people awake. Back in 2009, the Field family & their friends suffered a severe loss, the loss of Josh Field, a bright young man who stole everyone’s hearts. In a recent PSA interview video, we hear from Kathryn Field, Josh's mother. Towards the end of the PSA video, she admits: “If Josh had more knowledge about the outcome of answering that cell phone, maybe he wouldn’t have, maybe he would have just left it”. Clearly, PSA’s do more than just shake us awake; they also have the power to save lives by giving us the knowledge to stay safe. Think about it this way, if distracted driving PSA’s were as popular 6-7 years ago as they are today, bringing people the knowledge to make the right decision, then maybe Josh, and many others would have remembered the dangers and would have ignored that cell phone and focused on the road. Sadly Josh wasn’t fully informed of the dangers of distracted driving and so, he lost his life that day. Mrs.
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