Persuasive Essay On The American Flag

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According to Scott and Edles, the habitus is “As an acquired system of generative schemes, the habitus makes possible the free production of all thoughts, perceptions and actions inherent in the condition of its production. In short, it is through the habitus that one acquires a “sense of one’s place” in the world or a “point of view” from which one is able to interpret one’s own actions as well as the actions of others.” People learn how to connect with their everyday lives through previously learned behavior. It is even easier if the veterans was born to a family that is part of the military life style, which make the dangers of being part of a constant fight for freedom to more satisfying. Thus, for many veterans, the American Flag is something that they gave their life for and upheld with so much pride. For a veterans, the American Flag is a way of life that many individual will never have the opportunity to experience in their lifetime. It represents what they spend their lives fighting for, some four years while others spend a lifetime. Because fighting for freedom is their way of protecting their flag, and they flag to them represent their home. These behaviors and self-dedication to the country is what according to many critics makes an individual a real American. The ability to dedicate a lifetime of constant danger that may result into mental issues, loss of loved ones, and possible death is something that takes courage to do. When these individuals decide to

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