Persuasive Essay On The Cause Of Poverty

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Creating jobs, raising minimum wage, and expanding health care are the first of many acts that can be implemented on the pathway to cutting poverty.
One of the main cause of poverty is the non-changing trends within the economy. If there are no changes within the economic state that we are in, the poverty rate will continue to rise.
There are many things that contribute to poverty within this economy, one of them being financial hardship. Financial hardship is commonly a decrease in your income or an increase in your monthly expenses. Having a well-paying job is one of the best ways out of poverty, but losing your job or not being a to work due to medical reasons are two of the main reasons you will see a decrease in income. Even though you may have a job, what you’re getting paid doesn’t cover the amount of your monthly expenses. According to the Congressional Budget Office, if Congress extended the federal unemployment insurance, it would have created 200,000 new jobs in 2014, but in failing to do so in 2013, it left 1.3 billion Americans and their families without the support they needed.
Creating jobs that invest in plans such as rebuilding our infrastructure; renovating abandoned housing; and making other investments that bring life back into neighborhoods, and boost our national economy. In doing so, we will see an definite boost in job growth. Also, being able to help those who are cannot find employment by creating subsidized employment programs to help those

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