How To Improve America Essay

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As we continue in our busy lives, we always take into account what the next days, weeks, or even months hold for us. But what do we Americans hope for in future years, as a country? There have been several events that have occurred around the world affecting our lives in a positive way. However, there were many crises that have set us back, though we try to strive and become even stronger. To continue improving America, we must have the ability to come together as a whole and progress as the days go by, setting a foundation for our future generations. Unity is a key component for the future of America. People must respect each other's differences. It should not matter what one's race, religion, nationality or sexual preference is, because in …show more content…

We need to find ways on expanding housing for low income families and reduce health insurance costs so everyone is covered. Whether a person has cancer or a simple cold, requires medical care. The government should increase in financial aid grants for private schools and provide free public education for all students from preschool, to individuals wanting to proceed to a college education. This will reduce the unemployment rate; expand small businesses in our communities and create more job opportunities for our graduates. In addition to solidarity, America must establish good and reliable foreign relations. This would form peace and safety in America and globally. In hopes that there will be no nuclear war and avoid our soldiers and civilians from harm, it is crucial for our President to establish strong relationships with foreign leaders; to listen, communicate and negotiate in ways that will benefit the entire country and avoid any rivalry. My hope for a better future in America is focusing on our people and progressively finding ways to discount hate, terrorism, poverty and unite as a whole. This could be accomplished by strengthening our communities, healthcare and education for our future generation. My message to all is to be strong and keep hope

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