Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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Death Penalty The reason the death penalty should not be allowed is because it is just an easy way to get out of what the person has done. If that person does a crime they should do the time no matter what they did. No one should not be able to get an easier way out of what they have done by getting the death penalty. Jail time could be sentenced for the rest of his or her life based on the crime committed, and that way they can sit in the jail cell and really think about what they did instead of having a few minutes to live and think about it for just a second before it is over with. The crime committed should not be dismissed by a simple death penalty even if the family wants closure they should think about the fact that the person …show more content…

Just a few facts about the death penalty is that 153 people have been exonerated and out of those 153 only twenty of them was because of a DNA evidence. Also six states have completely removed the death penalty such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, New Mexico, Maryland, and Connecticut. The death penalty is also called a capital crime, killing those for things that they have committed such as rape or killing another human being. One of the main reasons the death penalty should not be allowed is because it is like an easy way out of a punishment, a way to not serve a lifetime of a sentence that should be served. That way they have time to consider what they have done and how they hurt that person or their family member. You do not have to use death penalty as a way to show you are tough on crime, putting someone in jail for as long as possible with what they did is just as good. Making sure they get the time they deserve is good enough. “My major problem is that it is impossible to separate the death penalty from revenge; which is hardly a worthy substitute for justice.”(Gates, 2010). The death penalty is a way to get justice for what they have done, but also a way for revenge to be in the place of justice. A person could want revenge for what that person has done instead of clarity, they want to get revenge for what had happened to a loved one that they do not tend to think it is the right way to get justice for their loved one, when in all

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