Persuasive Essay On The Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage is defined as the lowest amount of money one can pay his/her employees per hour of labor. The Minimum Wage Debate has being going on since The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 which established a law that would increase the current minimum wage of $5.15 in 2007 to the current wage of $7.25. The act called for a change to made over in three years. Many supporters state that it will help decrease the percentage of poverty in the U.S. while also increasing the standard of living. Those who oppose tend to believe that it will cause an increase in unemployment while also be putting the low skilled workers in harm's way. Many people do believe that the higher the minimum wage the lower rate of poverty this country and or state will have. Some also state that the law also ensures that someone does not get pain a lower amount of money all because of their race and gender. However this may have an effect on society as a whole and on those who are not currently employed is very questionable. Supporters also claim that a minimum wage can also create a rise in consumption thus putting more money into the economy by allowing low paid workers to spend more. If the minimum wage were instead raised to where it should be, at least $10 per hour (which would still put it below the minimum wage in 1968), this would release at least $60 billion over two years into the economy.On top of this, an increased minimum wage may also lead to an increase in the hourly pay of other low-wage

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