Persuasive Essay On Tiny House

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The elaboration on how much money living in a Tiny house saves on utilities, is dampened by the fact that municipal utilities like water, waste, electricity, and trash are not made available to illegal housing, so you will be required to find a way of living off the grid. “Tiny home dreamers may be less enthusiastic after actually living in one. Hauling water in, wastes out, and scrimping on electrical appliances or going without because small solar arrays are underpowered”(Wyatt 40). Even the task of getting your mail can be more difficult, if you are living off the grid you will have to set up a post office box.The claim that you can save money because you only need to buy a small plot of land, seems logical, but in many cases you see Tiny Houses having to be put on large plots of land, in order to remain out of sight, so they can fly under the radar of local code enforcement agencies.
The continued claim by Tiny house advocates, that you will save money on taxes is not false, but if a Tiny house is kept on land where Zoning codes prohibit it being there, then it has not been properly assessed, and the proper tax is not being charged. If a Zoning violation is noted, additional cost may be incurred through back taxes and fines.
Some Tiny Houses are built by professionals, but they are predominantly built by unlicensed enthusiasts, as you can imagine there is going to be drastic variances in quality. Bundle that with the ability of some Tiny Houses to be relocated to what

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