Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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Underage drinking A slumber party turned tragic when the parents of 14-year-old Takeimi Rao found their daughter dead after drinking soda mixed with vodka with three friends on Saturday night. Officials said that Takeimi's mother, Aleae Pennette, took the girls out for burgers for dinner on Saturday. At 2 a.m., Pennette woke up to find three of the girls throwing up, but she helped clean them up and put them back to bed. Takeimi had not thrown up, cops said. She thought they had eaten something bad and were sick from the food, said Lt. Dennis O'Leary of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. But in the morning, Takeimi of Santa Rosa, Calif. was found passed out on her bedroom floor. Paramedics came to the house and pronounced Takeimi dead at the scene. A cause of death has not been confirmed, but police believe she likely died from alcohol poisoning. Underage drinking is a serious health problem in the United States. Alcohol is the most used substance of abuse among America's youth, and drinking by young people is enormous for the health and safety risks. The consequences of underage drinking can affect everyone— regardless of age or drinking status. A young person's body cannot cope with alcohol the same way adults can. Drinking is more harmful to teens than adults because their brains are still developing throughout adolescence and well into young adulthood.
It is hard to determine why children drink sometimes. Kids might start drinking alcohol because it makes them

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