Persuasive Essay On Universal Health Care

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A topic that has been a national debate for years is if healthcare should be considered a right for all citizens. Over 43.6 million people do not have health insurance in this country (Gluckman 1), and something needs to change. For some people, they believe that universal will do more harm than good, but when implemented in other countries this was not the case. There have been multiple studies from counties, wealthy and impoverished, proving universal healthcare has made a positive impact on society. There have been multiple reports in different countries where healthcare allowed them to be more proactive, and helped give citizens peace of mind, compared to America where majority of its citizens are not confident in the healthcare system. Universal healthcare will be more beneficial to our society, not only socially but economically. One-way universal healthcare would help our country is by giving everyone access to health insurance, and it would help boost morale in the country. There was a study done in Taiwan about the effect of universal healthcare on their society, and how it made a positive impact on their community. Before having universal healthcare majority of their citizens would be injured or sick because they could not afford a doctor. After they were granted insurance, confidence was bestowed in the citizens because they knew that they were going to be taken care of no matter their income. This means that their citizens spent less time out of work, and

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