Persuasive Essay On Health Care

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US health care is one of the most talked about or controversial topics in last few years. We often come across debates, articles or columns relating to this topic. This is a hot topic of this generation. Why everyone should have insurance? Why people should have for something that might not use? These are some of the questions we found ourselves surrounding by. In my opinion US citizens should be required to have insurance. Both men and women have separate needs when it comes to health. More women are facing health issues because of teen pregnancies and child birth, it is important to for everyone to have a health care plan according to their needs. So when the time comes right treatment and medical attention can be provided. In this piece I will be presenting some ideas and arguments supporting my side and also looking at the flip side of the discussion.
Health is improving for everyone to life a good and happy life. If you are healthy you are more likely to succeed comparing to an unhealthy person. Medical procedures are expensive and it's for people to spend so much on these checkups or surgeries. Health insurance gives an opportunity to pay less comparison to your actual bill amount for your medical procedures. Risk of financial ruin is an important factor of having insurance. You Might face some health problems in later months like a sudden accident, cancer, diabetes, kidney stones or a car accident, this will leave with staggering medical bills. And not paying

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